I'm a Middle Eastern / Muslim / epileptic comics artist, game designer, and illustrator -- and this is a shop where you an buy my books, prints, and more ♥︎ 

My work tends to focus on the themes of Arab-islamic futurism; understanding identity; dismantling oppressive structures; and coping with illness -- all depicted with a unique style + vivid color ♥︎

You can learn more about my work at my website (iasminomarata.com), get my games work + digital versions of my comics at my itch.io page (deltahead.itch.io), and follow updates on my work on my tumblr (iasminomarata.tumblr.com)

Don't see anything you like but want to support me anyway? hit me up on ko-fi! ♥︎ ko-fi.com/deltahead

Got more questions, or want to hit me up for work? Email me: iasminomarata@gmail.com